Cattle Egret

While still a very rare bird, but after the first ever UK breeding in Somerset, a Cattle Egret turned up at the res in 2009.

13/10/09 - A Cattle Egret was perched in a dead tree in the SE corner this evening when I arrived at the hide at 18:00, but amazing timing....3 hot-air balloons flew over & spooked everything....the Egret flew northwards & climbed up over the trees on the north boundary....I thought it was gone, but it circled back & landed in the Scots Pines in the NE corner! Andy & I arrived at the dam end & had good views of the settled bird. It later flew to a dead tree by the reedbed at 18:50, when I left (DWH, AG).

27/11/09 - presumed the same bird as above returned to roost (DWH)