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These pages are an introduction to Chard Reservoir and its wildlife.

Chard is a small town in Somerset, England, UK.  The reservoir is only about a mile from the centre of Chard town and is regularly visited by local people, the surrounding meadows being popular for dog walking.  The north and eastern fringes are fished and there is a bird hide at the south end which is positioned well out into the water giving a view of most of the open water. The site is well hidden from all but the closest houses and many shoppers in nearby Chard town may be completely unaware of the existence of this substantial stretch of water. The postcode TA20 1HU should get you to the car park in Oaklands Avenue by sat nav or smart phone.

Chard reservoir looking towards the bird hide
Looking towards the bird hide:   ZOOM  in.

My passion is birdwatching, so apologies for the bias towards birds.  I'd like to do more on butterflies, plants, fungi....  But for now....

Click below for pages on the wildlife at Chard Reservoir.

binsRecent Sightings  Updated almost daily
kingfisherSpecies Records  Bird Records from the past, species by species
birdBirds  Introduction to Chard's birds
fishFish  Wet slippery things
foxMammals  Cuddly furry things
foxInsects  Pretty delicate things
cameraSnaps  Photos around the reservoir
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