Chard reservoir sign


Roe Deer may be encountered almost anywhere, but have a great knack of remaining inconspicuous and are best seen early morning.

Foxes are regularly seen, often sunning themselves on the west bank.

Rabbits are in the woods and the meadows.

Grey Squirrels are common, especially at the entrance to the woodland on the path to the bird hide.

Muntjac Deer have ben reported from the North end.

1 Wood Mouse Apodemus sylvaticus found dead 9th May 2000

1 Dormouse found 4th Nov 2011.
Also evidence of Dormouse nests found in 7 bird nest boxes at the end of 2011.
Some Dormouse boxes have now been erected to encourage these fabulous animals.

Badgers: A pair were caught on camera in the snow of February 2019

Bank Vole April 2012

Rats are sometimes seen by the Duck feeding area.

Bats at the Res
Common Pipistrelles, Soprano Pipistrelles, Daubenton's, Noctules and Serotines have all beeen recorded.

A Soprano Pipistrelle (small bat) interrupted by a Serotine (large bat) over the reeds at the south end (audio recording September 2017).

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